Vitamin and Nutrition

Vitamin And Nutrition includes vitamins and nutrients.
Vitamins are a collective term for a range of organic compounds. They are the micronutrients needed by living organisms, but they are generally not produced by the organisms themselves and need to be obtained by means of diet. Vitamins don't produce energy like sugar, protein, and fat. They make up cells, but they regulate the metabolism of the organism.
Lack of vitamins can cause serious health problems. Moderate intake of vitamins can keep your body strong and healthy; excessive intake of vitamins can cause poisoning.
Nutrient refers to a chemical component in food that provides energy, body composition, tissue repair, and physiological regulation to the human body. All the substances needed to maintain human health and provide growth, development and labor are called nutrients. Modern medical research shows that there are no fewer than 100 kinds of nutrients required by the human body, some of which can be synthesized and manufactured by themselves, but they cannot be synthesized and manufactured by themselves. There must be about 40 kinds of external ingestories. After fine separation, the seven major nutrients can be summarized: human body The essential nutrients are 7 kinds of proteins, fats, sugars, inorganic salts (minerals), vitamins, water and cellulose.
As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various pharmaceutical products in China, we are engaged in offering a wide range of vitamin and nutrition. Wholesale vitamin and nutrition, offered by our factory, are processed from high grade ingredients and they can be given the lowest price.
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