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New Four Major Inventions Released Compound Artemether Upset Selected
May 21, 2018

A few days ago, the results of the “New Four Great Inventions” were freshly released. “Hybrid Rice”, “Chinese Laser Phototypes”, “Synthetic Bovine Insulin”, and “Compound Artemether” were eventually selected. At this point, the “Five-Leaf God Culture” pays fire. The creation of the project changed the outcome of the China Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition, and the three new "four major inventions" selection activities officially came to an end.

It is understood that the “New Four Great Inventions” selection activity was sponsored by the Guangdong Association for Inventions and initiated by Sohu.com. From the dozens of major scientific and technological achievements that have influenced China’s construction process since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the “four new inventions” of contemporary China were selected.

As of the early morning of December 16, the number of valid votes for the “New Four Major Inventions” was 51,442, and there were more than 100,000 netizens participating in the voting and various topic debates. After a month-long review, “Coartem”, which was not familiar to netizens before, was eventually listed by the experts as the “New Four Big Inventions” and was highly evaluated. Guo Jun, the deputy dean of the Guangzhou Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out: "Coartem is the first chemical structure discovered in China. Since its inception, it has rescued countless lives worldwide in various malaria endemic areas. Its influence is no less than important inventions such as hybrid rice and synthetic bovine insulin."

"'Originality', 'World class influence', 'Effective social benefits' are three basic criteria for experts to judge the 'new four major inventions'." Zhou Zhaolong, deputy director of the Guangdong Invention Association, said, "'New Four' The great invention's final selection result is not important. The important thing is that it can arouse the public's attention to China's science and technology innovation and stimulate the people's sense of innovation."

“The selection of the “New Four Big Inventions” has created a good social environment for the implementation of the independent innovation strategy.” “Five Leaves, one of the organizers of the “Creation and Change of China—A Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition Affecting China's Construction since the Founding of China” The person in charge of the brand of God believes that the "new four major inventions" are only a summary and review. For China's scientific and technological undertakings, it represents a higher starting point and a healthier future.

For a long time, the core content of China's science education has stayed in ancient inventions, and there are few introductions to modern scientific and technological achievements. Although in recent years it has begun to advance with the times, the effect is not obvious. From the point of scientific popularization, the results of the new Big Four inventions will not only promote the further popularization and dissemination of modern science knowledge, but also have a positive significance in promoting innovative culture.

Reason for selection

Artificial synthesis of bovine insulin: artificial synthesis of bovine insulin is the first human synthesis of a protein. In the past, the world generally believed that living organisms were natural. Most people thought that the synthesis of living organisms was impossible. It was the first time that the Chinese people had made it possible. The synthesis of artificial bovine insulin is a major breakthrough in the field of life sciences. The impact on human exploration of the mysteries of life is enormous.

4. Compound artemether: Compound artemether is the first drug with a new chemical structure found in China, and it is also an original Chinese medicine currently widely recognized internationally. By the end of 2005, 26 Asian and African countries had been designated as the first-line drug for the treatment of malaria. It has a milestone in the history of the treatment of malaria, a highly contagious disease.

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