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Large Domestic Pharmaceutical Production Enterprise Development
Aug 23, 2016

Circulation and improve the overall efficiency of the economy, and has higher thresholds of environmental protection. Due to historical reasons, the basic chemical distribution, unreasonable, and expected future development is in the direction of park management, and some backward enterprises and environmental protection standards will be eliminated. Circular economy, we will get rid of the product of a single risk, improve efficiency, and enhance overall competitiveness. Reference to BASF (BASF) Verbund, the "collaborative" philosophy is not only used in its production, should also be used for technical, customer, employee, and so on.

Chemical products has obvious periodicity, on the premise of uncertain product demand, competition in the future will be a comprehensive product portfolio and costs competitive. We believe that with increased competition, environmental protection, and has a cycle of economic and industrial integration enterprises in China will come to the fore. Recommendations focus on chlor-alkali circulation economy and is expected to benefit from the propylene chlorohydrination epoxy environmental warming bin chemical, cyclic economy of coal chemical industry leading methanol recovery and is expected to benefit from China Lu Hengsheng, dye leading Longsheng, as well as domestic MDI polyurethane and fine chemical industrial chain integration industry.

Proportion of large pharmaceutical companies pharmaceutical production remains low, domestic pharmaceutical production enterprise development space is enormous. While pesticide industry is production of finished bulk products, but production of refined products continues. We recommend that investors focus on strategic planning, chemical synthesis, engineering capabilities and management skills of Lianhe technology. We can see that after the listing of the company in leading CMO must have the four core elements of competition there is a significant increase on, have the potential to become China's leading CMO and character.

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