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How Many Times Can An Emergency Contraceptive Be Eaten For One Year?
May 21, 2018

Do not exceed 2 times


In China, contraceptives are still a relatively difficult word to say. Many women are still guilty about contraceptives. Many people are not able to correctly understand their active role but are simply worried about the side effects.

In fact, oral contraceptives have undergone many changes in the development of the current commonly used fourth-generation short-acting oral contraceptives are safe, long-term use of women's health benefits outweigh the disadvantages, there is no need to "talk about drug discoloration," but need special attention However, emergency contraceptives must not be used as regular contraceptives.


1. What are the categories of birth control pills?

Divided into pre-contraception and post-hoc contraception.

Pre-contraceptive pills are divided into short-acting contraceptives and long-acting contraceptives. The so-called short-acting refers to the efficacy, because its efficacy is relatively short, so take it every day, its main ingredient is progesterone and estrogen, through inhibition of ovulation , hinder the normal growth of the endometrium, change the nature of cervical mucus and change the normal fallopian tube and other contraceptive effects. According to the drug instruction manual, medications are generally started from the onset of menstruation, and one tablet is taken every night for one continuous cycle. Different brands of drugs take a slightly different cycle, generally need to take 21-28 days in a row, can contraception 1 month.

After birth contraceptive pill is also an emergency contraceptive pill, usually is levonorgestrel tablets, the main component is progesterone, usually need to be taken within 72 hours after intercourse, by inhibiting ovulation, interfere with sperm penetration through the cervix, sperm and egg combination, fertilization Egg implantation and other reproductive aspects play a role in contraception.


2. Emergency contraceptives can eat several times a year?

The biggest misconception about contraceptives is that many women use emergency contraceptives as conventional contraceptives. Need special reminder is that emergency contraceptives do not take as much as possible, it is really to take, up to 2 times a year. Emergency contraceptives can make the lining of the uterus thin and degenerate, and repeated use can make it difficult to conceive in later stages. Its main ingredient is progesterone, and the content is far higher than the previous contraceptives, to a certain extent will also affect the chromosomes, resulting in fetal malformations. Unmarried women, in particular, do not use emergency contraception.


3. What should I do if I am pregnant during my medication?

If you regularly take the contraceptive pill in accordance with the regulations, pregnancy is less likely. Because the contraceptive pill is relatively safe beforehand, even if the pregnancy caused by a problem in the medication process has little effect on the fetus, it should be closely observed. After taking the emergency contraceptive pill, she is still pregnant. The risk of malformations and abnormal development of newborns is relatively high and needs careful consideration.


4. Are all women suitable for taking birth control pills?

Not all women are suitable for taking birth control pills. Women with high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease, for example, should be especially careful when taking birth control pills. In general, if the level of estrogen has little effect on the underlying disease itself, you can take birth control pills, otherwise it will cause drug interactions, need special care, should be based on individual conditions systematic evaluation, it is recommended to take other contraceptive methods.


5. Does medication contraceptive medicine treat acne?

The onset of hemorrhoids is caused by endocrine disorders, and the main reason associated with endocrine is hormone levels. The most important ones are estrogens, androgens and progestins. Acne and estrogen are highly related. The main ingredient in the birth control pill, such as Dyne-35, is ethinylestradiol. Taking 21 days of continuous use can maintain a constant level of estrogen in the human body. Estrogen levels will have the effect of treating acne.

In addition to hemorrhoids, other contraceptives that are related to human hormone levels, such as polycystic ovary syndrome and menstrual disorders, also have a certain therapeutic effect. However, taking medicine should follow the doctor's instructions according to personal circumstances and you should not take it for granted.


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