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Excipient Standards Need To Be Unified
Aug 23, 2016

In recent years, Pharmaceutical Excipients gradually came into the public eye and lead to determined norms guide the medicinal materials industry healthy and rapid development of the country. Every 5 years, a revised edition of the pharmacopoeia of entering "the collector" stage, the new pharmacopoeia is expected eventually to include medicinal materials will amount to more than 300 species. Experts say that current pharmaceutical ingredients production standards are not unified, uneven quality and other issues.

Enterprise specializing in the production of less than 30%

Pharmaceutical Excipients, refers to make drugs suitable dosage forms and join all the other items. For a long time, excipients are considered inactive ingredients, its safety has not been companies and research institutions, and even regulatory attention, and low levels of Pharmaceutical Excipients industry as a whole. Domestic pharmaceutical excipient in the proportion of medicine as a whole is still relatively low, only 2%-3%, and foreign medicinal materials 5%-10% of the total output value of pharmaceutical preparations.

Investment Advisor Research Director Guo Fanli said, at present, China's medicinal materials industry is still scattered with enterprise, small scale of production, low production value, features of the product standards are not unified. "Existing pharmaceutical excipient manufacturers a total of about 400, which specializes in medicinal materials production enterprises of about 90; others were also produced excipient chemicals, food and raw materials and other production companies. "

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