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Emergency Contraception Side Effects
May 21, 2018

Emergency contraceptives are eaten after a sexual life without protective measures. Then, what do you know about the side effects of emergency contraceptive pills? How can I take it correctly?

Many couples or couples have forgotten to take measures when they have sex. They can eat emergency contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy. Emergency contraceptives can only be eaten once in a while, but you can't eat more. Everyone knows that emergency contraceptives have side effects, and these side effects are extremely harmful to women's health. Today, we must talk to everyone about eating urgently. What are the side effects of contraceptives and how does emergency contraception eat?

Emergency contraceptives are eaten after a sexual life without protective measures. To prevent pregnancy, this is the most common method used by many women. Generally speaking, taking emergency contraceptives within 72 hours of sexual activity is effective if they exceed this limit. The time range of this kind of emergency contraceptive may lose its effect. Therefore, it is better to eat within 72 hours of sexual activity. There are many brands of emergency contraceptives and the method of eating is very simple. The most important thing is to change women's During the menstrual period, some women may experience symptoms of vomiting. If you vomit after taking the medicine, you may need to take it again.

What are the side effects of emergency contraception

First, vomiting and discomfort: after eating emergency contraceptives, 20% of women will experience nausea and vomiting symptoms, of course, the brand of contraceptive is different, the probability of vomiting will be different, if after eating the drug appeared after 1 hour Vomiting needs to be taken again.

What are the side effects of emergency contraceptives? How are emergency contraceptives eaten? What are the risks of emergency contraception? Second, uterine bleeding: Some women have vaginal bleeding symptoms after eating contraceptives. This type of symptom is a kind of side effect of contraceptives. Do not need to worry, as long as it is not a long time bleeding is no problem, of course, if some women worry about it can go to the hospital to do a check.

Third, the ovulation period menstrual changes: emergency contraceptives will change our menstrual period, some women will delay menstruation for one week, there will be many people worry about whether it is pregnant, you can use pregnancy test strips to test, if there is no pregnancy is the contraceptive Side effects lead to changes in the menstrual cycle. Once the menstrual cycle changes, it means that the ovulation period has changed, and the safety period and the danger period have to be recalculated.

Fourth, other side effects: Many women will have headaches, breast tenderness symptoms after eating contraceptives, these symptoms are relatively mild, the general symptoms will continue within 24 hours, if it is painful to eat painkillers or Amoxicillin treatment can be.

It is better to eat less of emergency contraceptives. Generally, it cannot be more than one month. Eating an emergency contraceptive pill for a long time will cause great damage to women. The sooner you take an emergency contraceptive pill, the better your sexual behavior will be. The average emergency contraceptive pill is two tablets, once in 72 hours, and again every 12 hours, so the effect of contraception is safer. If a woman vomits within one hour of taking the medicine, then she must take it once. If she has sex again after the medicine has no effect, she must take protective measures.

Not all women can eat emergency contraceptives, because of the large side effects, so women with diabetes, breast cancer and other women can not eat emergency contraceptives, especially in breast-feeding women should pay attention, of course, these matters will be in an emergency Contraceptive pills are clearly written in the instructions, so be sure to look carefully at the instructions before taking the medicine.

As a woman must protect her body, emergency contraceptives bring great harm to our bodies. We must take protective measures when we are sexually active, and we must protect ourselves as a man.

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