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Domestic Preparations Exports Low-end Market Has Great Potential, Or SMEs
Aug 23, 2016

At present, the preparation of pharmaceutical enterprises in China is accelerating the process of internationalization. Data show that in 2013, a total of 66 preparations exported to 173 countries and regions, preparations at 2.711 billion dollars of exports, an increase of 5.82%. And has now reached Europe and the WHO GMP standard nearly 50 domestic companies, United States ANDA successful enterprises have more than more than 10 products more than more than 30. But the current formulations exit or in a dual structure: few enterprises in the structure of the upper, the majority of enterprises in the production of low value-added products. Finally happening is: good is getting better, ordinary business to transition.

Chinese medicine and health products import and export Chamber of Commerce health care Chamber of Commerce Vice President Xu Ming said: "China seas, haizheng, East Sun dual structure of such enterprises in the upper layer, but other than that most of the enterprises were low value-added products, or preparations are mainly to meet the domestic demand. ”

Now the domestic pharmaceutical market, enterprise's production is becoming increasingly difficult, without enough money to invest in research and development. "But preparations exports here, as the Chamber of Commerce, on the one hand we want to help guide business, this year held the day before the exhibition" China and World Medical Forum ", our third batch of modern international leading enterprise award, we want to help them, including registration, open up new marketing channels, including pricing. We have recently done some evaluation, how to enter the European market, how the United Kingdom NHS procurement agencies to talk about. For those who do not have access to high-end market, we propose "countryside surrounding cities", like the African market, you can start to enter the African market, after the firm gradually embarked on the markets of the developed countries in Europe and America. "Xu Ming said.

When it comes to promoting domestic small and medium preparation enterprises opening international markets, Xu Ming said: "health care Chamber of Commerce also made a trade promotion activities this year, emerging markets now the threshold is relatively low. African drug purchase in this years to enter the WHO PQ, to WHO GMP, but three common antibiotics no problem, meet GMP China, entering the African market much easier than the European and American markets. There as some developed countries of Asia and Latin America countries, by entering into these countries, after slowly making brand, go to Declaration of certification in Europe and America, forming potential of encircling the cities from the countryside, suggest that enterprises do not rush to major u.s. and European markets. ”

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