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Bio-pharmaceutical Industry: Mergers Will Continue
Aug 23, 2016

This year, the bio-pharmaceutical industry mergers and acquisitions a big step forward, analysts predicted that such a trend would continue until the year 2015. Major companies trying to sign agreement at an alarming rate, and enterprises involved not just two parties, signed agreement is also multidimensional. However, many pharmaceutical companies are still looking for can bring a change of trade.

One such pharmaceutical company Pfizer (Pfizer), Executive Officer of the company Yien·LiDE (Ian Read) has said that he plans to retain tax inverted dreams, until next year. In 2014, the United States pharmaceutical company seems to have been scrambling to mergers and acquisitions outside of drugmaker, want to add transform countries to tax. The Mailand company (Mylan), Abbott Laboratories (Abbott) Netherlands Department of the generics business of mergers and acquisitions;

Horizon Pharma Ireland Vidara treatment of acquisitions; and of course, Pfizer, United Kingdom large pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca) to buy, and so on, to mention only a few.

This fall, United States Treasury introduced more stringent regulations, restrictions on the transfer of the headquarters company, Headquarters after that transfer heat has cooled.

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