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Analysis Of Situation Of Pharmaceutical Intermediate Industry
Aug 23, 2016

After the brilliance of the late 90 's of the last century, pharmaceutical intermediate industry has now matured. Competition between enterprises has reached a fever pitch and both spell the end of little strength, and who can hold out to the last, who is among the survivors. Meanwhile, tempted by various legends, as well as other factors, and there are always new investors "gold rush" dream of entering the industry. However, with the requirements for GMP certification of pharmaceutical enterprises and the rise of various overseas certification, the pharmaceutical industry's investment scale exponentially increase, how to make limited resources and energy, have the greatest economic and social benefits, has become the objectives pursued by each intermediate investors.

Impact of economic globalization, the most far-reaching impact on China's economy than the idea that every manufacturer there is no need to do large, capital and energy should be focused on their industries and fields of expertise, other supporting materials and conditions can be accomplished by social collaboration. By forming a product chain and enable partners to achieve win-win results. Under the influence of this idea, the pharmaceutical industry to make some of the processing of primary products, such as solvent recovery work transferred to the collaborative enterprise. Gradually after some certain polluting and hazardous products, transferred to chemical production, such as the production of penicillin used acid, chloroacetic acid. In the vicinity of Shijiazhuang since the 70 's and 80 's of the last century, a lot for the North China pharmaceutical production of phenylacetic acid chloroacetic acid and small township enterprises and individual enterprises.

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