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Accessories Tailored For Pharmaceutical Companies
Aug 23, 2016

"This year, the company's strategic focus is to enter the high-end starch capsule drug-assisted areas, new high-end medical accessories and starch capsule is expected to begin in the first half sales. "At the recently held, Alcon pharmaceutical's annual shareholder meeting, the company Chairman shuaifang said. This reporter has learned, tapioca is made of vegetable capsules of high quality materials with significant alternative to traditional competitive advantage of gelatin capsules. Founder securities calculation, internal capsule (excluding supplements) market demand of about 150,000 tons, er Kang capsule pharmaceutical plant is expected to reach 50,000-ton capacity, if sold at 70,000 yuan per ton, about 3.5 billion of revenue.

With the substantial increase in the standards as well as market becoming more standardized, and auxiliary materials enterprises pay more attention to research and development of new Pharmaceutical Excipients. Statistics show that compared with the excipient market 10% of the world annual growth rate, annual rate above 20% to new pharmaceutical ingredients. However, new research on Pharmaceutical Excipients as difficult as new drug research, and promote more difficult. "Accessories business innovation should be placed in an existing accessory function changes on the product with the customer to adapt research over the next few years, pharmaceutical companies linked with the excipient manufacturers, production of customized features in Accessories industries will become more and more obvious. "Anhui shanhe medicinal accessary material, Chairman Yin Zhenglong told reporters.

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