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Supply raw materials market has huge upside
Aug 23, 2016

Statistics we can see that in addition to intermediate there are a lot of excess capacity, plant extracts basic balance of supply and demand, the other five major categories there are in short supply. Particularly high Pharmaceutical Excipients industry focus, insufficient market supply or demand 10%. Insiders pointed out that, although medicinal materials accounted for the subject of pharmaceutical preparations, but its not too seriously. With continuous development of domestic pharmaceutical industry, market and constantly improve in China new medicine, new forms of research and development in urgent need of new Pharmaceutical Excipients support domestic accessories of serious lack of production, resulting in a huge gap in the market.

Is raw material drug production and export in China, there has been a phenomenon of excess capacity. But from the statistics, we surprise development, the domestic industry also has a lot of gaps, market rate of less than 60%. Experts believe, our API has remained mostly in terms of primary raw materials processing, this phenomenon of excess production of some products do exist, but the increasing demand for high-tech value-added processed products production capacity is clearly insufficient, resulting in a lack of satisfaction in the market.

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