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Quality produced excipient comprehensive health development
Aug 23, 2016

It is learnt that the accessories, like raw material, as part of a drug into the body, their advantages and disadvantages will affect the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical preparations in the body. Medicinal materials in addition to form, acts as a carrier, increased stability, solubility, dissolution, slow and controlled, and other important functions.

With the increase of Pharmaceutical Excipients and pharmaceutical dosage forms is becoming richer, medicinal materials has become the new drug safety and effectiveness of the system of guarantee. Some good quality accessories will not only enhance the stability of main drug, extend the validity of the drug, regulation of in vitro and in vivo drug release rate, you can also change the absorption of drugs, increasing their bioavailability.

Since reform and opening up, medicinal materials industry has developed rapidly in China, pharmaceutical excipient manufacturers size grew, gradually increased the variety. But it also exposed weaknesses in the regulation. Compared with developed countries, problems in Pharmaceutical Excipients in China are: rich in variety, quality and stability, specifications, and market supervision and quality control standards are not high enough. In recent years, the State food and Drug Administration continue to improve related laws and regulations to strengthen supervision of Pharmaceutical Excipients, further national attention paid to supervision of Pharmaceutical Excipients.

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