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2012 China import/export of pharmaceutical products to new heights
Aug 23, 2016

Yesterday, the medical insurance issued by the Chamber of Commerce on China's import and export of medicines last year: in 2012, China's pharmaceutical products imports and exports totalling US $ 80.95 billion, an increase of 10.5%, another record high. Among them, exports US $ 47.6 billion, rose 6.9%; imports $ 33.35 billion, rose 15.9%. foreign trade surplus of us $ 14.25 billion, down 9.5%.

It is understood that the three broad categories of export commodities, medicine, medical equipment exports at $ 27.52 billion and US $ 17.59 billion, respectively, and total exports of up to 94.8% per cent.

Among them, a noteworthy trend are: international registration of pharmaceutical enterprises in China is speeding up the approval process. Health care Chamber of Commerce Vice President Xu Ming, in 2012, China's pharmaceutical enterprises to the United States food and Drug Administration (FDA), filing a total of 1259; authority on the quality of medicines in Europe (EDQM) submitted to the CEP (BPC registration review) 173 applications in 2011, representing an increase of 34.1%, total number of valid certificates to 393.

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