Levonorgestrel Tablets

Levonorgestrel Tablets

Synthetic, biologically active progestin that transforms proliferative endometrium into secretory endometrium and inhibits secretion of pituitary gonadotropins, preventing follicular maturation and ovulation.


Levonorgestrel tablets

Product Name:Levonorgestrel tablet, EC pills, Plan B

Nombre del Producto: levonorgestrel comprimido

Specification: 1.5mg

Package: 1 tab/blister,1 blister/box, 10boxes/strip,50strips/carton

Standard: BP

Levonorgestrel tablet is believed to act as an emergency contraceptive principally by preventing ovulation for fertilization of ova. 

[Pharmacokinetics and toxicological]

it’s efficient and short-acting contraceptive drug, the mechanism of contraception is notably preventing ovulate and nidation, and increase denseness of mucus of neck of uterus and penetration resistance of sperm.

Indication: it’s female emergent contraception that is used when haven’t adopt safeguard procedures or happen accidental fault after sex.



Take one tablet orally when haven’t adopt safeguard procedures after sex or fail to practice contraception with 72 hours, take it earlier, the efficient better.



Levonorgestrel tablets are intended to prevent pregnancy after known or suspected contraceptive failure or unprotected intercourse. 


[ Use in pregnancy and lactation when appropriate]

Pregnancy: this product should not be given to pregnant women and it will not interrupt the pregnancy. If pregnancy occurs after treatment with this product, the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy should be considered. Nothing is known about the potential consequences for the unborn child if doses greater than 1.5mg of levonorgestrel are taken.

Lactation: Small amounts of progestin pass into the break milk in women taking progestin-only pills for long term contraception. However, no adverse effects due to progestin-only pills have been found on breastfeeding performance, either in the quality or quantity of the milk, or on the health, growth or development of the infant.



Breast cancer, generative organs cancer, dysfunction of liver or have hepatopathy lately or jaundice history, or vein thrombosis, cerebrovascular accident, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipemia, dysthymia patients and women over forty years old.



It is emergent contraceptive after failing to practice contraception, not odinopoeia drug.

It should not be used for routine contraceptive, should adopt efficient measurements for contraception before the next menstruation.

Take another one table immediately when throw up after taking the drug within 2 hours.

The drug could bring forward or delay the next menstruation, if the menstruation don’t come, go to the hospital for inspection of gestation or not.

It is forbidden for allergic people, and anaphylaxis person should use it by caution.

It is forbidden to use when the character of the drug changed.


[side effects]

There is mild sicchasia and vomit after taking the product, don’t need to handle it and can disappear generally, if the symptom is serious, consult to the doctor.


[ Interactions and incompatibiliades]

Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, even those not prescribed. The following medicines may interfere with this product.

-Medicines used to treat epilepsy(barbiturates, primidone, phenytoin, and carbamazepine).

-A treatment for HIV infection (ritonavir).

-A medicine used to treat fungal infections (griseofulvin)

-Herbal remedies containing St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)


[poisoning, symptoms, treatments and antidotes emergency]

There are no data on poisoning of levonorgestrel tablets, although the common adverse event of nausea and its associated vomiting may be anticipated.

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