Dexamethasone Injection

Dexamethasone Injection

Dexamethasone exerts a potent antiallergic and antlinflammatory action.


Dexamethasone injection


Product Name:Dexamethasone sodium Phosphate injection, Decadron

Nombre del Producto: Dexametasona solución inyectable

Specification: 1ml:4mg,2ml:8mg

Package: 10amps/tray,10trays/box

Standard: USP,BP 


Severe allergies reactions (asthmatic shock, post-transfusion reactions, acute bronchial asthma, medicamentous allergies, asthmatic condition. Stevens-Johnson syndrome, edema of larynx, acute dermatoses), adrenocotical insufficiency, acute exacerbations in patients treated with oral glucocorticoids, viral hepatitis, thyroid crisis and acute thyroiditis, croup, differential diagnosis of adrenocotical hyperplasia and tumors, rheumatic diseases of joints and diseases of soft tissues.



Absolute active or cured tuberculosis, ophthalmic berpes simplex.



Corticosteroids may conceal symptoms of infections. Due to the risk of adrenocortical insufficiency, the treatment with steroids should not be interrupted suddenly. Corticosteroids may induce hyperacidity and penticulcus, therefore in prolonged treatment a corresponding diet and application of antiacids are required. In gastric disorders and in prolonged treatment an X-ray control is required. Latent diabetes mellitus occurs faster. Do not inject into the deltoid muschle because of the danger of tissue atrophy. It should not be injection locally into the infected region or intravertebral space. During pregnancy, the glucocorticoids may be applied exceptionally only, i.e. in extremely severe cases. Newborns should be controlled carefully.


[Side effects]

Relative adrenocortical insufficiewncy, increased catabolism of proteins with negative nitrogen balance, disorders of electrolytic balance, disorders in metabolism of glucose with aggravation of diabetes, osteoporosis, spontaneous fractures of bones, aseptic necrosis of the hip, myopathies, activation and aggravation of peptic ulcus, aggravation of infection hypertension, moon-shaped face, hirsutism, acne, abdominal striae, convulsions petechia and purpura amenorrhea, insomnia, mental diaorders, increased intraocular pressure, pancreatitis, angiitis, disorders in children’s growth, thrombophlebitis, vertigo, nausea, facial erythema, ulcerous esophagitis, headache, exophtalamus, leucbcytosis, lymphopenia, corneal ulcus, oligospermia and systemic fat emboliy, abnormal ,ecuphoria, increase in appetite and body weight tissue atrophy, hypopigmentation of skin, post-injection swelling, reactions similar to shock..


[Dosage and administration]

The dosage should be adjusted to individual case. If the drug has been given longer than for a couple of days, the doses should be diminished slowly and the drug should not be discontinued immediately. It may be injection intravenously, intramuscularly, intrasynovially, or by local tissue infiltation. Initial dose: 1 to 5 or even 20 ampoules daily (i.v. or i.m.), followed by a maintenance dose of 1/2 to 1 ampoule several times daily.

Intrasynovial: 1/2 to 1 ampoule every 24 hours.

Chronic diseases: initial treatment at a dose of 0.5 to 1 mg daily with a slow increase until clinical effect is observed. Later on the drug in given twice daily.

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