Hormones play an important role in regulating the metabolism, growth, development and reproduction of the body. It affects the physiological activities of the human body by regulating the metabolic activities of various tissue cells. Hormone is a highly effective biologically active substance secreted by endocrine glands or endocrine cells, which acts as a messenger in the body to regulate the physiological processes of the body. It is an important substance in our lives.
Although the amount of hormones in the human body is not much, it has a great impact on health. Lack or excessive causes various diseases. For example, excessive secretion of growth hormone can cause giant disease, and too little secretion will cause gnomes; excessive secretion of thyroxine can cause palpitations, hand sweats and other symptoms, too little secretion can easily lead to obesity, lethargy, etc.; insufficient insulin secretion can lead to diabetes.
Hormones are roughly classified into four categories by chemical properties. The first category is steroids, such as adrenocortical hormones and sex hormones. The second category is amino acid derivatives, including thyroxine, adrenal medulla, and pineal hormone. The structure of the third type of hormone is peptide and protein, such as thalamic hormone, pituitary hormone, gastrointestinal hormone, calcitonin and the like. The fourth category is fatty acid derivatives such as prostaglandins.
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