Digestive System

  • Sodium Bicarbonate Injection

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    Sodium Bicarbonate Injection

    Product Name:Sodium bicarbonate injection

    Nombre del Producto: Bicarbonato de sodio solución Inyectable

    Specification: 8.4% 20ml

    Package: 10amps/box, 50amps/box

    Standard: USP & CP

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  • Ranitidine Injection

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    Ranitidine Injection

    Product Name:Cimetidine injection

    Nombre del Producto: Cimetidina solución Inyectable

    Specification: 200mg/2ml

    Package: 10amps/box, 50amps/box,100amps/box

    Standard: USP & BP

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  • Ranitidine Tablets

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    Ranitidine Tablets

    Product Name : Ranitidine tablet

    Nombre del Producto: Ranitidina tableta

    Specification: 150mg

    Package: 10tablets/blister/box, 1blister/box, 10blister/box

    Standard: BP & USP& CP

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  • Metoclopramide Injection

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    Metoclopramide Injection

    Product Name:Metoclopramide injection

    Nombre del Producto: Metoclopramida solución Inyectable

    Specification: 10mg/2ml

    Package: 10amps/box, 50amps/box, 100amps/box

    Standard: USP & BP& CP

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  • Omeprazole Capsule

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    Omeprazole Capsule

    Product Name :Omeprazole capsule

    Nombre del Producto: Omeprazol cápsula

    Specification: 20mg,40mg

    Package: 10capsules/blister/box, 1blister/box

    Standard: BP & CP

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  • Cimetidine Injection

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    Cimetidine Injection

    China cimetidine injection manufacturer,China cimetidine injection suppliers,cimetidine injection from China professional pharmaceutical factoryRead More

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