Cefixime For Oral Suspension

Cefixime For Oral Suspension

Product name: Cefixime for oral suspension
Package: 0.05g/bag,6bags/box, 12bags/box
Specification: 100mg/5ml, 0.3g(0.25g/0.05g)


Product name: Cefixime for oral suspension

Package: 0.05g/bag,6bags/box, 12bags/box

Specification: 100mg/5ml, 0.3g(0.25g/0.05g)



OEM: Available

Shelf Life: 3 Years


Product Details


Cefixime for oral suspension


It is indicated for Streptococcus (except Enterococcus), pneumococcus, gonococcus, kalacinia, colibacilli, Klebsiella, Sarre, proteus, and susceptible strains of cefixime in influenza bacilli: acute attack of chronic bronchitis and acute bronchitis Tracheitis complicated with bacterial infection, bronchiectasis with infection, pneumonia; * pyelonephritis, bladder myositis, gonococcal urethritis; * acute biliary tract bacterial infection (cholecystitis, cholangitis); * scarlet fever; * otitis media and sinusitis.

1g:50mg*6 bag

Usage and dosage

Take 20ml water with water when taking it. Adults and more than 30 kilograms of children: oral, 50 to 100mg (1~2 bags), two times a day; adults with severe infection can be added to 200mg (4 bags), two times a day. Children: orally, reduce the dosage by adults, or 1.5 to 3.0mg per kilogram, two times a day, or follow the doctor's advice.

Adverse reactions

It were mainly diarrhea, faecal abnormality, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, rash and so on. A small number of patients had elevated GPT and GOT.


Prohibition of allergy to this product or cephalosporin antibiotics.


1. for penicillin or cephalosporin allergy patients, patients with allergic constitution, patients with high renal impairment, patients who can not eat very well or non oral intake of nutrition, elderly, evil liquid, and so on.

2. in the young rat test, when the oral administration is above 1000mg/kg, there are inhibitory sperm. It is not suitable for men of childbearing age to form the role of the child. ?

Please read the instructions carefully and follow the doctor's instructions.

The safety of neonate is not yet determined, so it is not suitable for use.

The elderly patients are used carefully.

Pregnant women and lactating women

The safety of pregnant women and lactating women is not yet determined, so they should not be used.

Drug interaction

1. products are incompatible with the following drugs and can not be instilled in the same bottle: Amikacin, kanamycin sulfate, Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride, oxytetracycline HCl, tetracycline HCl, erythromycin gluconate, polymyxin sulfate B, sodium myycin methanesulfonate, pentobarbital, calcium gluconate, gluconic acid Calcium.

2. this combination with gentamicin or Amikacin can enhance antibacterial activity in vitro.

3. the combination of this product and diuretics has the potential to increase nephrotoxicity. The combination with aminoglycoside antibiotics may increase the nephrotoxicity of the latter.

4. the blood concentration of the product increased and the blood half-life prolonged.

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