Cefazedone Sodium For Inj

Cefazedone Sodium For Inj

Product name: Cefazedone sodium for injection
Package: 10vials/box,50vials/box
Specification: 0.5g,1g
Standard:Internal Standard


Product name: Cefazedone sodium for injection

Package: 10vials/box,50vials/box

Specification: 0.5g,1g


Standard:Internal Standard

OEM: Available

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Product Details


Cefazedone sodium for injection


It is suitable for all kinds of infections caused by sensitive bacteria such as pneumonia and other lower respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, biliary tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, sepsis, peritonitis, pelvic infections, etc., the latter two should be combined with anti-anaerobic drugs.

Usage and dosage:

Intramuscular injection, intravenous injection or intravenous drip. Adults commonly used amount: General infection, once 1 ~ 2g, once every 12 hours; severe infection, once 2 ~ 3g, once every 8 hours. For hemodialysis patients, one dose should be replenished after dialysis. The daily dose for adults does not exceed 9 g, but in cases of serious infection in immunocompromised patients, the dose can be increased to 12 g daily. Pediatric dose: daily 50 ~ 200mg/kg, 2 to 3 times intravenous infusion. Intramuscular injections were prepared. Each 1g of the drug was supplemented with sterile water for injection 2.8ml and l2% lidocaine injection 1ml, with a concentration of 250mg/ml. Intravenous injection, 40ml of glucose and sodium chloride solution per 1g of drug dissolved; for intravenous infusion, take 1 ~ 2g of cefoperazone dissolved in 100 ~ 200ml of glucose and sodium chloride injection or other diluent, the final drug The concentration is 5 ~ 25mg/ml. The sodium content per 1 g of cefoperazone was 1.5 mmol (34 mg).

Adverse reactions:

1. Rash is more common, reaching 2.3% or more. 

2. A small number of patients can still have diarrhea, abdominal pain, eosinophilia, mild neutropenia. 

3. Transient serum aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase, urea nitrogen, or elevated serum creatinine. 

4. Thrombocytopenia, prolonged prothrombin time can be seen in individual cases. Occasional bleeding can be prevented or controlled with vitamin K. 

5. Flora disorders can occur in a small number of patients. 

6. Disulfiram-like reactions may occur in people who drink alcohol or receive alcoholic drugs or beverages while using this product.


Due to the possibility of shock, should be detailed before the administration of the same diagnosis, it is best to use skin susceptibility test before use.

Emergency preparedness for shock should be prepared in advance. Patients should be kept quiet and fully observed.

The following patients used this product with caution:

Past history of penicillin antibiotics;

I or parents are likely to cause allergic disease constitution;

Kidney and liver dysfunction;

Hemophilia and thrombocytopenia

Gastrointestinal ulcer;

Patients with poor oral intake or adopting non-oral nutrition, advanced age, or poor general condition may experience adequate vitamin K deficiency.

To prevent the development of resistant bacteria, bacterial susceptibility testing is recommended.

Effects of drugs on test values or diagnosis:

The direct anti-human globulin test (Coombs) was positive.

Non-enzymatic determination of urine glucose can be false positive.

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