Antibiotics are a class of secondary metabolites produced by microorganisms (including bacteria, fungi and actinomyces) or higher animals and plants in the process of life with anti-pathogen or other activities and can interfere with the development function of other living cells. The commonly used antibiotics in the clinic include genetically engineered bacteria, extracts from culture liquids, and chemically synthesized or semi-synthetic compounds.
Antibiotics are mainly used to treat various bacterial infections or pathogenic microbial infections, and generally do not cause serious side effects to their hosts.
Antibiotics can selectively act on specific parts of the DNA, RNA and protein synthesis systems of cells, interfere with the metabolism of cells, impede vital activity or stop growing, or even die.
The role of antibiotics is selective, and different antibiotics have different effects on different pathogens. The type of pathogen that is sensitive to an antibiotic is called the antibiotic spectrum (antibacterial spectrum) of the antibiotic.
Antibiotics are a physiologically active substance. Various antibiotics generally act on pathogenic bacteria at very low concentrations, which is another major feature of antibiotics that distinguish them from other chemical fungicides. The effective concentrations of various antibiotics for different microorganisms are different, and the lowest concentration for inhibiting the growth of microorganisms is generally used as the antibacterial strength of the antibiotic, referred to as the effective concentration.
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