Piracetam Injection

Piracetam Injection

Product name: Piracetam injection
Package: 10amps/box, 50amps/box,100amps/box
Specification: 1g5ml


Product name: Piracetam injection   

Package: 10amps/box, 50amps/box,100amps/box

Specification: 1g5ml



OEM: Available

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Product Details

Piracetam injection


This product is a compound preparation, its components are: Piracetam (C6H10N2O2),

sodium chloride.


This product is a colorless, clear liquid, bitter.


Applicable to acute and chronic cerebrovascular disease, brain trauma, a variety of toxic encephalopathy and other causes of memory loss and mild to moderate brain dysfunction. It is also used for mental retardation in children.


5ml: 1g.


Intramuscular injection. 1g each time, 2 or 3 times a day. Intravenous injection. Each 4-6g, 2 times a day. Intravenous drip. Each time 4~8g, once a day, use 5% or 10% glucose injection or sodium chloride injection diluted to 250ml.

Adverse reactions

1. Gastrointestinal adverse reactions commonly include nausea, abdominal discomfort, anorexia, abdominal distension, and abdominal pain. The severity of the symptoms is directly related to the dose.

2. Adverse reactions of the central nervous system include excitement, irritability, dizziness, headache and insomnia, but the symptoms are mild and have nothing to do with the size of the dose. The above symptoms disappear after drug withdrawal.

3. Mild hepatic impairment was occasionally seen with mild elevated aminotransferase, but not with drug dose.


1. Extrapyramidal diseases, Huntington, chorea are disabled.

2. Pregnant woman disabled.

3. Newborn disabled.


People with liver and kidney dysfunction should be used with caution and doses should be reduced appropriately.


Sealed, protect from light.

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